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   Puerto Real

Puerto Real is a very quiet private urbanization at the end of Playa El Agua. Spectacular private beach, natural landscape surroundings and tranquility makes this unique community really pleasant place to live. Private guards keep watch 24 hours a day.

   Playa el Agua

Playa El Agua is the most famous tourist development on Margarita Island. It’s the right place for those who will be tired of remote and peaceful Puerto Real and want to taste the local beach vibrancy. Plenty of palm trees give shelter to numerous restaurants that offer their service directly to the beach chairs located in the fine sand. Most of the restaurants offer showers and toilets as well as a long list of tempting dishes, from local seafood to international ones. A cool and shady boulevard which runs along the beach starts with a small picturesque free market where you can buy everything from beach gear to local souvenirs and jewellery at very reasonable prices. This beach is favored by both locals and visitors because of its beauty, variety of services and huge beach parties organized in the tourist season.

   Margarita Island

La Isla Margarita, known as the "Pearl of the Caribbean", is situated 38 km north east of the mainland of Venezuela and far from the track of Atlantic tropical storms. Its location as an island in the Caribbean sea offers lots of beaches to explore, most of them virgin. Margarita Island is divided into two sections tenuously linked by a 24 km sand spit which separates the sea from the fascinating La Restinga Lagoon National Park. At its largest, Margarita Island measures 67 km from east to west (Punta Ballena to Punta Arenas) and 32.4 km from north to south.
It has 167 km long shoreline liberally endowed with inviting beaches. The average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius and the annual
rainfall averages 27 inches resulting in mostly dry landscapes with some wooded areas and fertile valleys. Over 300,000 people live
on Margarita Island most of whom live in the eastern part where the capital of Asuncion and the shoppers paradise of
Porlamar are located. The western part of Isla Margarita, called Peninsula de Macanao, is poorly populated.

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